Las Vegas Ambassador New Year's Eve 2017

Guide to New Year’s Eve 2017

As the weather somewhat cools and we move into the Southwest's version of “Fall,” Las Vegas is already laying down the groundwork in preparation for New Year's Eve 2017. Each year, massive crowds swarm the city in order to celebrate in true Sin City fashion.  The holiday falls on a Saturday this year, which guarantees a full weekend of the hottest parties on the famous Las Vegas Strip and gives you the chance to rack up some serious commission.

However, before you begin to send out those quotes, there are some changes to the booking process that you will need to be aware of:

All Bottle Service Reservations Must Be Paid In Full

Since New Year's Eve is one of the busiest days in Las Vegas, nightclubs will be requiring full payment up front instead of the normal booking payment in order to guarantee your client's table. You will notice this change in the pricing search on for December 31 only. The booking payment will return to normal on January 1.

Prices Will Increase Almost Daily As We Approach The Holiday Season

It's no secret that Las Vegas is a money town, and those coming to the city to ring in the new year will have to pay to play. The closer we get to December 31, pricing will start in increase across the board, and many of the less expensive table options will sell out first. Keep that in mind as you interact with clients who may be hesitant to lock down their New Year's reservations so far in advance. The sooner they book, the less they will have to shell out come December.

Table Check-In Will Be Earlier Than Normal

From my own experience, I can promise there will be clients who believe they can be fashionably late to table check-in and the venue will be anxiously awaiting their arrival with a “reserved” sign holding their spot. Even on a typical weekend, nightclubs often have a “you snooze, you lose” mentality toward latecomers. On New Year's, table check-in can be an hour or two earlier than normal. It is vital that clients understand they must be at the venue to check-in when the doors open, even better if they're twenty to thirty minutes early and text their host as soon as they arrive. Otherwise they may be faced with a higher spending minimum or their table could be sold to someone else with a few grand extra to spend.

Patio Tables Will Have Great Views of Fireworks, But It Will Be Cold

It may seem like common sense, but many people travel to Las Vegas during the winter without the realization that the desert isn't in triple digit weather year round. While outdoor tables will offer your client the best views of the fireworks display, they might be a bit crabby if they're standing outside in a tiny dress without a coat. It's worth reminding your clients to pack a warm jacket along with the sequin tank tops and mini skirts.

The Strip Will Be Closed to Cars and Other Vehicles Around 6 PM

In order to accommodate the increase in foot traffic, Las Vegas Metro Police Department blocks off the Strip every year to keep pedestrians safe and encourage party-goers to call transportation instead of driving themselves around after a night of alcohol-based indulgence. It's a good idea to inform your clients that getting around on New Year's can be a bit of headache, especially if they're rushing to make their table check-in on time. It's best to get an early start out of their hotel, particularly if they're grabbing a ride or planning on hoofing it to their New Year's party spot.