Hotel Addict: Red Rock Casino Resort Spa Las Vegas

You love the Strip, but maybe you’re in town for an off-Strip wedding or just seeking a little change. The only place to stay is Red Rock Casino Resort Spa.

What’s so grand about this particular locale? Well for one, the location. The place is situated against the breathtaking Red Rocks of Las Vegas. Two: it’s as opulent as it gets. You can’t help but marvel at the staircases that from the entry or the floral arrangements peppered throughout the place. As for the casino, it’s top of the line--all of the usual suspects are in two--blackjack tables, slots, video gaming, sports. Now you know it’s beautiful, decadent and all of that, but what’s up with the food? Red Rock features nine restaurants--including the super sexy and delicious T-Bones Steakhouse (if the weather is right, eating on the patio is prime). Next up, the relaxation situation. Take your pick from oversized “Backyard Pool” to the more intimate spa pool. Oh and check out the spa (designed by spa-centric firm, designstudio ltd), while you’re there too--it’s one of most chatted about in these parts. Red Rock isn’t all just eating and kicking bar. The hotel is filled with bars, lounges, a movie theatre, concert venue, arcade and...wait for it...a bowling alley. So after all of that food, relaxation, gaming, and fun what do you do? Retreat to your plush paradise (a.k.a your room) and snuggle up in fancy sheets, order up room service and take in those views of the Red Rocks. By the room, the Red Rock suites are something to behold, so if you’re going big, go for one.

Let this be a lesson to you naysayers: not all of the fun and fabulous things in Vegas happen on the Strip.

Let’s break it down a little further:


Oh Yes, T-Bones Steakhouse is a must but there’s also LBS: A Burger Joint for juicy hamburgers, Hachi for divine sushi, Yard House for good grub and an awesome selection of beer, the Feast Buffet for well, an all you can eat bonanza as well as a food court featuring Capriotti’s Panda Express, Villa Pizza, Fatburger, Rubio’s, Tropical Smoothie, Ben & Jerry’s and Starbucks.


You’ve got your beer fill at Yard House, why not visit Rocks Lounge for some drinks, dancing and music, Onyx Bar to get all lush, and Cabo Bar for a little fiesta!!


Red Rock Lanes – 72 bowling lanes to get your game on, a 16-theater Regal Cinema to catch the latest flicks, a game filled Arcade for the kids and even Kids Quest Supervised Child Care on hand if Mom and Dad need a breather.


Just one word, LUXURY.  Every room at Red Rock Las Vegas is luxe and perfect but if you’re really feeling like having a memorable weekend, contact and get setup with one of the over the top suites including One-Eighty, Top of the Rock, Lucky, Strip and Cherry.