Hotel Addict: Trump International Hotel Las Vegas

Trump. You know the name, but you’re wondering if it’s the proper place to spend a weekend in Vegas.

The answer? An emphatic “yes!” Trump International Hotel Las Vegas is pretty much defined by the fact that it’s a casino free hotel. That might have you thinking, “Isn’t that apart of the fun of staying in Las Vegas?” Sure that is part of the allure of this town, but the opulence of this hotel, makes a floor full of slot machines and craps tables seem minuscule. Besides, the casino-filled hotels are just a stone’s throw away. Now that that’s out of the way and you’re feeling more secure, let’s talk about the experience.


If you ever wanted to feel like Las Vegas royalty, here’s your chance. You’ll be greeted upon your arrival by a cheerful gentleman, who’ll make sure you walk away with the “I’m a somebody” feeling. What’s next is hard to beat: a spinning door into a glittering wonderland. If you’re like me you’ll keep asking yourself, “why doesn’t my place look like this?” The lobby is loaded with swag--dripping chandeliers, intricate design accents on the walls and ceiling, plush carpeting, elaborate floral arrangements, not too much hustle and bustle. It’s what you’d expect from a luxury hotel and probably a glimpse of what Donald Trump’s home would look like.

The staff is courteous and friendly. You’ll instantly find this to be a “snob-free” zone.

Your Room:

Opt for the Studio, which was ideal for 3 friends who’ve decided to take to the town for a weekend soiree and relatively affordable. The studio room is considerably large and offers more than enough closet and drawer space for travel buddies (luggage, flat irons, make-up, several outfits, bachelor and bachelorette party goods, even a few late night snacks). I was truly impressed by the beauty of the room and the kitchenette, which comes in handy if your return to your room with leftovers or want to chill a beverage while getting ready for a night out.

The oversize king is definitely worth raving about. You can’t even get this perfect a slumber in your own home. Here’s comes that question again, “Why isn’t my place this awesome?” Trump studio rooms also offer a sweet seating area (with a fold-out couch, don’t worry, it’s insanely comfortable too) and sweeping views of the Las Vegas skyline and the surrounding valley.

Chances are you’ll spend a fair amount of time in the bathroom. Partly because you’re prepping and partly because it’s so large and has its own television built into the bathroom mirror. Decked out in marble and outfitted with a Jacuzzi tub, this might be one of your favorite things about the room (along with Trump’s cozy bathrobes). I’d recommend taking full advantage of this space before checking out.

Where you want to be for breakfast:

Skip whoevers grand buffet. Spend smart and cure evening woes with morning delights at DJT. The restaurant is ultra-swanky with brocade booths and more of those luscious chandeliers I keep talking about. As for what to order, go for the European Style Pancakes or the Toasted Brioche Eggs Benedict. And even if you’re not a juice person, this place will turn you into one. Their fresh-squeezed juices are just what the morning calls for to bring you back to life. Well that and the shiny French Press coffee pot that’s arrive at your table.

Linger a while after breakfast. You’ll want to remember the scene. Then make like a good visitor and show up on time for your spa treatment. If you’re uncertain about what to choose, here’s a little help--anything from the Signature Gemstones Treatment menu. Each of the treatments incorporate gem-infused oils (diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds) and address specific needs like calm, revitalization, purity and balance. Note you’ll want to take advantage of the steam room here, they’re unparalleled (kind of like the bathroom in your suite).

Don’t skip the pool at Trump, unless of course you ended up coming to Vegas on a rainy weekend. It’s something to behold. This pool isn’t what you’d expect. There’s no party scene, no world-class DJ and no celebrity cameos (unless you count yourself), just the ultimate, posh experience. The gold building catches the sun and ambient tunes (along with some popular hits) fill the air. But all-in-all the place is calm. Adjacent is H2(EAU), Trump’s poolside, cafe. Here you can score healthy snacks or order a light lunch. My pick? The ceviche. It’s literally perfect and served with a host of tortilla chips and won’t leave you looking bloated in your bikini. Lay out on the lounge chairs or grab a cozy bed to soak up the sun. Cabanas are available, but if you’re on a budget, grabbing a seat poolside will work just fine. You don’t have to fight for space here.

That pretty much sums it up. Trump is luxury in Las Vegas, the way it should be. If you’re looking to have a great time, but stay somewhere calm this is it. No slot machines, no extravagant pool parties, no on-property clubs, one tower, one restaurant, one lush experience--that’s Trump. Give it a try. You just might love it.