How To Club Hop Like A Pro

All hands on deck, People of the Party Nation! You may have had the experience to pop into one club in a night - maybe two - but four clubs in a night? FIVE? This is what you need to know to get primed for, if you've never hit these nightlife numbers before that is. Gather round the glow stick hearth, dear readers, and we shall bestow upon you our tried-and-true tricks for club hopping through Sin City like the best of 'em.

The Crew You Need:

  • The Captain: Every group needs someone who actually knows what is going on, or at least can keep your club list straight. If you're club hopping into the Vegas wild on your own like some EDM-bumpin' Jack Kerouac, without the assistance of a party planning professional like we have at Galavantier, then you'll need one brave soul to volunteer as Planning Captain tribute. This will likely be your bossy friend who's always been really good at lists and time management.
  • The Woo Girl: It's no secret that getting into clubs is easier if you're a lady, or you at least have more ladies in your crew. If you've got some delightful chicks with an irresistible feminine wile at the ready, they are simultaneously the cherries on top and the bulk of your metaphoric milkshake of friends when it comes to a night out on the town.
  • The Wild Card: What's a night in Vegas without a dash of unpredictability? I'll ask this another way - what would The Hangover have been without Mike Tyson's tiger? You have to encourage the unexpected in life, folks. It's how we grow, adapt and get some really hilarious Instagrams.
  • The Social Butterfly: Sprinkle in some of that congenial nature from your group's Social Butterfly for a perfect night out. This person is the friend that comes back after randomly disappearing for 20 minutes with a, "You guys gotta meet this chick I just met, she's friends with [so-and-so] and wants us to join for some [free awesomeness] with [unicorns, leprechauns or centaurs]." Obviously this person works really well in tandem with The Wild Card.

The Gear You Need: 

  • Cash. Because it's King in this city and you're likely going to have a better time when you've got some Benjamins (...or Jacksons) to dole out to your hospitality gatekeepers. Plus, if you're club hopping via taxi, Monorail or Tram, you'll need that precious cash for fare, tips, and making bills spill out of the door as you open it for what they call a "Hundred Grand Entrance." Or at least that's what my pimp alter-ego calls it in my dreams.
  • Dr. Scholl's High Heel Insoles. Because I don't want to see any of you ladies barefoot by Club #3 like a newb.
  • Brush up on a few handy Nightlife Beauty Tricks to stay looking your finest all night. After doing so, you'll know why I recommend bringing a dryer sheet tucked into your wallet.
  • Your cell phone. Obvious, yes, but remember it's your key to the city, friends, and upping the ante of your nightlife experience when it comes to contacting Galavantier.

The Attitude You Need:

  • Remember it's a marathon - not a race! I know in the past I've had a whole schedule of plans, but then went hard at the dayclub, which resulted in passing out at 7:30 p.m. #BallerStatus
  • Be ready for After-Parties! With your Wild Card friends, the spirit of Las Vegas egging you on, and nudges from Lady Luck, you're looking at a late night and might catch the sunrise if you're a boss. Don't forget that Everything Good Happens After Midnight.
  • If your Club Crawl is going to start during the daylight hours with an intense round of Pool Parties and Dayclubs, grab the SPF and read How To Survive a Vegas Dayclub.

The Hookup You Need:

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