Industry Nights: How To Party Like A Local

When in Vegas, it’s always better to behave like a Vegas-ite… but with a dizzying number of nightclubs opening, closing and featuring basically some very epic shit each day of the week, it’s difficult to keep track of where to be and when. We’ve broken down where to go during the week when you need to scratch that club life itch.

They don’t call it Sunday Funday for nothing, folks. Industry Night on Sunday includes heading to either the new kid on the block, LiFE at SLS or The Bank inside of Bellagio. While they are both Vegas nightclubs, their scenes couldn’t be more different. The Bank is adorned with opulent décor in this two-level, 6,600-square-foot venue. Scantily clad women sit inside of giant Champagne glasses as confetti flies and the bass drops. LiFE is gorgeous and has an impressive 70 VIP tables with aerialists and sexy go-go dancers galore. If you can’t decide which one to frequent, why not just do both? It’s all about the experience and club hoppin’ in Vegas is definitely an experience not soon to be forgotten.

On Monday nights there’s one place you need to be and one place only: XS Nightclub. This sexy club is a ten out of ten.  Not only is it gorgeous, but also Monday nights bring out some of the sexiest Las Vegas locals you’ll ever see.  The music is always epic with amazing DJs – Diplo even played a Monday here just a few weeks ago. Plus, XS just underwent a renovation adding an even more intense lighting, pyrotechnics, and sound system.

Easy decision for your Tuesday night: 1 OAK. Fellas, there are some serious hotties at this club whether it’s from the visiting party gals or the very sexy waitresses; this is where ladies go to be seen. One of the best dance floors, it is surrounded by VIP tables and booths so all eyes are on you as you shake your thing. If you really want to feel like a baller, get a table and watch as the party peeps flock to you like a fat kid to a candy convention.

One of the toughest decisions you’ll make all week is which party to head to on Hump Day. You’ve got Light, Surrender and Chateau to choose from. Hands down, the music is pretty epic at Surrender mid-week, but the party at Chateau really spills out under that little Eiffel Tower. But then again, there’s always the ‘Blow Out Wednesdays’ at Light Nightclub. See what I’m saying? It’s a tough decision! I’ll just leave this one up to you and your crew. Roll the dice on where to go and let the good times flow.

Nearing the weekend, you pretty much can’t decipher between a Thursday and a Friday party at Tryst, Tao and Drai’s. These venues offer an unstoppable Thirsty Thursday party. If you’re a dance floor freak that needs to come up for air, Drai’s Nightclub is your hotspot where you can get an epic view of the Las Vegas Strip while you catch your breath. Tao Nightclub offers that East-meets-West ambiance with phenomenal dancers, some of which can be found bathing in a bathtub of rose petals. Yeah, you read that right, it’s something to be seen for sure. Then there’s Tryst. I had one of the most amazing nights partying at Tryst as former Playboy Playmate Alie Layus played in the DJ booth.

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