It's a Pool Day in Las Vegas

It’s the middle of the summer season and you’re sitting at your desk thinking that you should be in Las Vegas. Right? I’m thinking the same thing.

The moment you decide you're going to Las Vegas during the warm weather months you have to be thinking about the pools. If you are not using the pool factor as part of your decision process there is something wrong with your decision making. The pool is where the Las Vegas excitement is at during the day. I'm not talking pool parties I'm just talking lounging by the cool water while having a cocktail or two.

These are a few suggestions for making the daylight hours just as much fun as the night.

Mandalay Bay Hotel: The beach at Mandalay Bay. You've seen the wave pool and the sand. Who hasn't? This is a large pool complex that also includes a lazy river and a few spots to soak in the shallow water while craving a drink. This pool does have it all but you have to be prepared for some massive weekend crowds and some very hot sand when trying to navigate the endless rows of beach chairs.
Personally, I love this place if I'm with my friends but I avoided it if I'm with my family. If I have the kids I go to the Monte Carlo pool instead. Same stuff on a smaller scale.

Flamingo Las Vegas Pool: If I’m on a budget vacation but I still want some proper Las Vegas pool action the Flamingo Las Vegas does it for me. The GO pool has all the necessary amenities needed for a good pool day. Cabanas, day beds, bars and plenty of people willing to have fun make it the right choice. There is even a grotto for shady pool time antics. If you have the kids they actually have a family pool that includes a water slide and cabanas for those traveling with the family.

Palazzo: If you consider that the pool area actually encompasses the Venetian pool as well you will embrace this place as your new oasis in the desert. With so many small pools in this pool area you can find a little privacy or a mingling pool. There is plenty of space to spread out and real good food options. The drinks can be expensive but you’re in Las Vegas so you are probably already aware of that.
Yes, you could bring the kids along but why would you? There are plenty of adults to play with and no body wants to try to enjoy a cocktail while screaming “Marco” at the top of their lungs.

I should mention that the Garden of The Gods pools at Caesars Palace could work for either the group of friends and the Cosmopolitan Pool is set up perfectly to meet some new friends. MGM Grand has a huge pool area that works for families and friendly adults as does the Mirage.