Know Your Customer and Make the Sale

Whether you are a new Ambassador with no sales experience or seasoned salesperson, it's not always easy to get the conversation going about how to make a sale. Here are a few tips to help you get the conversation going.

  • Start by listening to what your customer needs and why they are in Vegas.
  • Ask a lot of questions. Have they been to Vegas before? What is their favorite part about visiting our city?
  • Find out what they will be doing for fun while in town.
  • Let them know casually that you can help them experience the famous Vegas nightlife scene.
  • Explain that you also work as an Ambassador (no matter what your profession is) and let them know that you can book them a nightlife experience they’ll never forget.
  • Have your device ready to show them the website.
  • If they aren’t quite sure about booking a table, just let them know that they can call or text you later if they decide to book.
  • Provide them with one of your Galavantier business cards.

Whether you make the sale or not, it's great experience to practice the conversation and really listen to your potential customer's needs. It’s also important to leave them with your phone number.

Just remember, that for every 10 "No's" you get you'll likely get a 'Yes' after that. The more links you send, the more likely you'll make a sale!

Now, if you really want to impress a potential customer, study the products that Galavantier sells. The more you know, the easier it will be to sell. Learn when specific nightclubs or dayclubs are open during the week and the best bottle packages available.

Know which venues offer Hip Hop versus electric dance music (EDM). Get to know the specific events whether it's a costumer party at LAVO Brunch or a themed night at Hyde. The more you know, the more you'll impress your clients and the more likely they will book with you.

Questions To Ask Your Potential Customer:

  • What's the occasion that brings you to Vegas?
  • How many people are in your group?
  • What fun things will you be doing while you're here?
  • Do you have plans to go out and experience the Vegas nightlife while you're here?

Always keep your generic business cards with you as well. If you don’t have business cards yet, we have some available for you at the Galavantier offices. Just call, email or text us at the Ambassador Support line to let us know when you'll be by to pick up your business cards. Ambassador Support line: 702-666-8622.