Lanai Suite at The Cosmopolitan is The Place To House Your Bachelorette Party

Heading to Las Vegas and you’ve been tasked with booking the hotel room.

Your plan?

To host the best bachelorette party in bachelorette party planning history. Start by booking the Lanai Suite at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.

For the party planner who wants to keep it classy, this two story, 800-square-foot two story space is a must and one of the best kept secrets in Las Vegas. It’s right at the edge of the Bamboo Pool, so you won’t be too far from the action and it’s situated on the same floor as the spa, so you can go from hangover to hammam in minutes.

This suite features that same “laced in luxe” element that all The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas digs have, but this place offers way more space. Take note of a quaint living room (outfitted in modish furnishings) that lends itself to intimate discussions.  And just past the living room glass door is a private Jacuzzi, a hang out space and direct access to the pool.

When you aren’t swapping bridezilla stories, you’ll want to head to the kitchen and whip up some cocktails. The Lanai Suite hosts a sweet kitchen set up, which is ideal for mixing and mingling. And when the time comes to get prepped for a night out, it’ll be cat-fight free since the suite features two bathrooms.

The upper floor is a mini-wonderland with a cascading chandelier and a snazzy oversized spa shower and extra vanity space. Now when the time comes to hit the sheets, the woman of the hour can cozy up in the loft style bedroom’s king sized bed and catch up on Housewives courtesy of a drop down television. She'll also enjoy waking up to bright sunshine coming through floor to ceiling windows.

The bride-to-be might rethink marriage if the last days of single life are this good. Or she’ll plan to come back with the new hubby because the Lanai Suite at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas doubles as a love shack for romantics. Well, done party planner.