5 Tips & Tricks to Making your Pool Party Mind-Blowing

It’s that time of year again to pull out your sexy bikinis and slather on the fake tanner. We’re talking about the Las Vegas pool party season, which has officially kicked off for the year! Considered one of the highlights of a Vegas visit and the best chance to get wet and wild with partygoers donning next to nothing, the Vegas pool party scene is absolutely legendary. But before you put on that string bikini and head for the hotel door, there are a few things you’ll need to know to ensure you have a fantastic time and don’t get kicked out, because that happens more than you’d think.

Avoid Bringing Everything Under the Sun

Nearly all pool parties in Las Vegas have a strict policy that all large purses, bags, backpacks and suitcases must be put into lockers before entering the pool party. Not only do folks try to sneak in their own booze and, most likely drugs, but it becomes a theft hazard as well. If you leave your bag unattended for even just a minute, it might get swiped from your lovely pool party neighbor. Let’s be real, in a perfect society no one steals anything. However, if you’ve got a bag with your nice new iPhone, your wallet and your Jimmy Chou sandals hanging out unattended?  Well, it is the 21st Century, so think that one through.

Wear Your Flip Flops

While it may be fun to free yourself and run around without shoes on, it is a pool party with thousands of other free-living millennials who also are running around without their shoes on. Let that set in for a minute…. Yeah, you can imagine the kind of weird things you can step on or pick up. So avoid any drama and keep those flippy floppies on.


Be Leary of the Aqua

The best thing about going to the pool is actually getting in, right? Well, if you’re a virgin to Vegas pool parties, you’ll quickly learn that the water is there not necessarily for swimming in, but for dancing in and lying next to it looking cool in your private cabana or daybed. You’re there to drink, dance and get crazy, not swim laps. With that said, just like it’s important to wear your flip-flops, think about the thousands of drunk partygoers getting down to the DJ’s tunes in the water. Enjoy yourself, but be cautious of dunking your head under the water.


Protect Your Phone

We understand the best part of being in Vegas and especially partying at the pool is to Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook your crazy adventures play-by-play. If you’re going to bring your phone to the pool, then definitely think about getting a waterproof case. It will get wet with booze, water and sweat, as will everything you bring that day. It’s totally worth it to document the fun, but wrap up your phone and you’ll be thankful you did.

Drink Water, and Booze, But Also Water

You’re in Vegas at a crazy wild pool party and you’re going to be drinking copious amounts of alcohol, good on you! We’re not trying to preach here, but as a fair warning, they give out water bottles for free at the pools because they don’t want you overheating in triple digit weather and getting drunk sloppy at the party. Everyone wants to have a good time and no one wants to be “that person” at the party, so do yourself a favor and follow up that shot with some water.


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