Where To Find The Most Beautiful Cocktail Servers in Sin City

No matter if you are a guy or a girl, and whatever your sexual preference may be, when you're in Vegas it's all about surrounding yourself with beautiful people. When you're looking for that perfect Las Vegas nightclub or pool party to hit up, your deciding factor may come down to where to find the most beautiful waitresses. It's just human nature that beautiful people attract other beautiful people, so why not go where all the beautiful people will be partying. Check out our hot list, which was really difficult to choose because it's Vegas and beauty reigns supreme here.


1. Omnia Nightclub

Those Omnia servers are not only absolutely gorgeous, but they have incredible fantastic personalities as well. When you find a winning combination of gorgeous and nice, it pretty much tops the charts as to where you should spend your evening.


2. The Cosmopolitan
The naughty and nice servers at Marquee Nightclub inside of The Cosmo know how to show you a good time whether they are serving you and your crew cocktails at your VIP table or simply getting the crowd amped up, they are worth visiting whenever in Vegas.

3. 1 OAK Nightclub
 1 OAK hires exotic, customer-oriented servers every season and this one is no exception. These gals are super sweet and downright sexy in person. Just remember, always tip your server because they work pretty damn hard to stay beautiful and serve you as well.