LAVO at Palazzo: A Meatball and Some Dancing

You’re in Vegas for the weekend, and you’re ready for some action. A party night is definitely in the plans. But this time you really don’t want to deal with the massive nightclub and the long lines and the who-ya-gotta-know.... Just a cool place to hear a DJ, loosen up and have fun: that’s the plan.

Lavo is your spot. Yes, it’s run by the same guys behind TAO and Marquee, but this one’s different, more of a New York vibe. It’s not tiny, but it is intimate enough that you’ll feel part of the action no matter where you’re sitting, or dancing. If you’re in, you’re IN. The view of the Strip is cool, and the décor is kind of like, well, like the world’s oldest bathroom. I know that sounds weird. But roll with it. They have the same caliber DJs they have everywhere else, they pack the room with a hot crowd, and they know how to make a memorable night. If there’s a celeb there, believe me, they’re not hiding somewhere.

And here’s the other cool thing: You can do your whole night in this one spot. First of all, Lavo has one of the sexiest and most relaxing lounges in Vegas, Morrocan-inspired with a big couch-filled social space that’s great for meeting people. Pretty good cocktails, too.

Next, you can dine here too, either inside in a formal, white table cloth dining room, or outside on a cool terrace overlooking all the action on the Strip (some fireworks from the Sirens of TI show across the street included, no extra charge). What they serve here is mostly classic Italian: quality, but not fussy. You might not be posting pictures of it on Facebook, but your stomach will be happy. (well, you might show people your meatball) And let me tell you, this is the rare restaurant where the thing to get is the chicken—crispy skin Chicken Domenic, to be exact. Trust me on that. Although the Kobe meatballs and the brick oven pizzas won’t get cold on your table, either.

When you are done with dinner make sure to tell your server that you are going upstairs and they get you right past the line. Also, spend a little time outside with a view of the Las Vegas strip. Personally, it’s one of my favorite spots to experience Las Vegas nightlife and it is free.

Okay, maybe you’re feeling a little claustrophobic spending your whole night at Lavo, Don’t worry, there’s a lot more to see right outside the door in Palazzo. Some of the best fashion and wristwatch shopping in town, one of the few serious cigar sellers, two very distinct casino bars (Laguna Champagne Bar and Fusion Mixology Bar) and if there’s a game on Sunday, you’ll want to be downstairs at Lagasse Stadium, maybe the nicest sports lounge and book anywhere. And, I really mean anywhere.