Omnia's Ultra-Lounge Announced: Heart of Omnia

What could possibly be better than the upcoming grand opening of the hottest new club Omnia Nightclub at Caesars Palace? The addition of a chic ultra-lounge, of course.

Hakkasan Group has partnered with The h.wood Group to create the concept for a more private, VIP style nightlife experience situated right within the nightclub space called Heart of Omnia. The off-set area will feature a few genres of music and rotating DJs, but one thing is clear is that it will be steering clear of EDM tunes since Heart of Omnia will act as an escape from the main room's heavier beats. We're picturing something similar to Hakkasan's Ling Ling Lounge or Ling Ling Club.

Along with the Heart of Omnia announcement, Omnia has released their initial talent lineup which includes DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Ruckus and Rev Run, DJ Irie and Questlove. The "open format" nights will leave room for all types of music to spin through the sexy, dark lounge; from old school hip hop and R&B to contemporary and soulful hits.


Looking to check out Omnia Nightclub and Heart of Omnia after the opening? We'll get you situated.