Planning The Ultimate EDC Adventure

It's officially started. The EDC Las Vegas planning season. Tickets recently went on sale and ravers galore flocked to the Electric Daisy Carnival's website to purchase their entry to one of the largest electronic music festivals in the world. If you're one of the brightly-colored, luminescent EDC creatures ready to pounce on an opportunity to dance to the best DJs, see the coolest artwork, enjoy some food trucks, and maybe even hop on some rides, then make sure you know what's best for the ultimate EDC adventure.


This advice makes regular appearances on lots of our Vegas guides. We don't have to tell you that EDC Las Vegas is in the desert, and way out in the distance over at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. It's the perfect venue for fitting over 400,000 people throughout the weekend. Try to drink a water bottle between each of your alcoholic drink to make sure you can go all night, all day, and all weekend. Yes, you'll have to visit the restroom more, but at least it won't be to throw up. Plus, you're doing the ultimate workout with all those dance moves and festival galavanting! Hydrate like the workout it is.


There is SO much to see when you're at EDCLV, so don't get cooped up in one spot. There is so much more going on from carnival rides, interactive artwork, food trucks, performance art, and the big open door of the "unexpected."  Give yourself an opportunity to experience all that there is to offer.

Have a Meeting Spot:

Make sure to find an easy to identify location to meet up with friends as getting ahold of each other via cell phone could be difficult inside the festival. Lots of festival goers opt for the infamous totem strategy, where a long, lightweight stick up to 10 feet long will feature a unique piece of art or some kind of identifier so you can find your group of friends from amongst the masses. Plus, they're usually an amazing form of artistic expression in and of themselves, so you'll be entertained while searching for your totem.

Shuttle Service:

It's usually best to use the shuttles provided by Insomniac, even if it is a few extra dollars. They have figured out most of the kinks when throngs of people are trying to get in or out of EDC, so you can trust these experts to get you safely from A to B. Important tip: Do NOT forget to bring your sunglasses for the morning ride back. That Vegas sunrise is not forgiving. Beautiful, yes, but retina-burning? Yes.

After Parties

When EDC takes over Las Vegas, you know it has to spill out into the Strip itself, so there are TONS of amazing parties at the clubs as well as the day clubs. When the world's best DJs convene in one city, what else would you expect? We've got hookups to get you into any party you want, so you know you just have to reach out to us on to get in the club with us.