Ranger Rick: Exploring Mt. Charleston

If you have overindulged on the multitude of sinful amenities offered by the Las Vegas strip and are in need a sanctuary devoid of civilization, slot machines and alcohol, why not check out Mt. Charleston. In the short drive it takes to reach Mt. Charleston from anywhere on the Strip, you can quickly find yourself nestled amongst the many peaks of the Spring Mountains, taking in the beautiful and underappreciated Las Vegas outdoors.


Though often overlooked by tourists, Mt. Charleston is a year round escape for Nevadans. Charleston Peak features some of the region’s best hiking trails (with an abundance of necessary shade) in the summer and a limited but enjoyable ski and snowboarding hill in the winter. If you decide to stay the night, you can choose to lodge in a rental cabin or pitch a tent on one of the mountains 200+ camp sites.


Multiple trails lead to the almost 12,000 ft peak, just remember to pack some always fashionable snow shoes during winter. Or seek out one of the three waterfalls located on Mt. Charleston, Big Falls, Little Falls and Mary Jane Falls for a refreshing reward during the heat of summer.


We know that hiking the awe inspiring wilderness of Nevada is an atypical item to show up on a Las Vegas itinerary, but it can serve as a nice “recharge” day if you are planning an extended stay. So why not surprise a few people with your next trip to Vegas and pass out on the ground next to a bush on purpose.