Reboot & Rally At The Finest Spas in Vegas

Las Vegas isn't just a city, it's an experience. Seriously, it's not like booking a trip to Chicago or Austin where you have some metropolitan sights to see and a few parties to attend. Vegas is a serious destination where you plan on coming back in worse shape than when you started, and you're more than fine with that (because of the stories of course). So make sure you're ready to reboot n' rally after a few of those rougher nights with one final #treatyoself moment at some of Vegas' finest spas.

ESPA at Vdara

Espa at Vdara-thumb

The Vdara is already a unique property on the Strip in that it is one of the few non-gaming hotels, and because of that it is popular among non-gamblers who appreciate clean air and a truly amazing spa facility. With 18,000 square feet of pure luxury that has to be split on two floors to hold all of its refreshing aura, ESPA brings their renowned skincare line into all the treatments. They even have a eucalyptus steam room where I feel like one might have visions of pandas telling you to align your chi. Or whatever your imagination shows you when you're in a sauna, that's just me.

Glow Spa at Tropicana


If you did as much damage to your bank account as you did to your body, but still want your time in the massage chair, check out Glow Spa inside the Tropicana. It's convenient for being right on the Strip but not charging the extra dollars for just being on the Strip. This spa is 10,000 square feet and boasting a TV in the men's locker room for game days, Glow can help rejuvenate anyone in need. Glow Spa also offers a Couples Wet Villa or Suite with an oversized bath & shower, presumably for sharing with your significant other, but I'll let you guys figure it out. Also, let's quickly brush on the fact that they have a skin treatment and massage called To Encourage Shrinkage Glow Light, because we're adults and I want you to flounder at the meaning for a moment. Okay, the jig is up - it's for cellulite, not what you first thought it was.

Spa Mio at M Resort


Before I ever went to M Resort, it was known to me as 'that hotel that everyone keeps talking about how great their spa is.' You ready for this size-up? It's 23,000 square feet. Boom. Their hair and body technicians staff the facility and are ready and waiting to put you in the perfect state of mind and style. Their spa is outfitted with a salon, like most are, but this one has a complete barbershop experience for the fellas. As a local, I really appreciate that they keep their website updated with seasonal specials, too. There's a September package that's calling my name with a 50-minute massage and 50-minute facial for only $185, so keep checking their promo site before you visit for a great deal.

So now that we have the revitalization part of your trip already researched and decided upon, let us know when you need help booking the part where you go out to the club and make some stories. The Galavantier team here loves to help mold all aspects of your vacation, so reach out to the pros and make sure your life is lived to the fullest.