Restaurant of the Week: Fogo de Chão

There is no shortage of dining options in Las Vegas, that much is for certain. However, when planning the perfect trip you don't want to chance picking a restaurant solely based on it's proximity to your hotel room, and everyone needs to fuel up before a night of partying. With the bevy of options at your disposal here in Sin City, selecting a restaurant can be a very daunting task.

We're fans of real food. It need not be gaudy or decorative. Simple and delicious, and of course plenty of variety are top priorities in our opinion. We're also big fans of all-you-can-eat buffet. When you come to Vegas, you should be able to feast like never before! It is not so often that a restaurant is able to bring the best of all worlds together in one fantastic establishment. When it does, you can never go wrong.



Enter Fogo de Chao. If you've yet had the chance to experience a true Brazilian steakhouse, a.k.a. churrascaria, then do yourself a favor and check out Fogo De Chao. Located  on East Flamingo just minutes away from the strip, "Fogo" is the place to be to satisfy your deepest meat and veg' cravings.

Famous for endless meat options carved table side and its gargantuan salad bar with everything from butternut squash bisque, to numerous grilled vegetable options, to candied bacon – Fogo can satisfy carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores alike!




Of course, Fogo de Chao truly shines in the protein department (sorry Vegans!). For as much as a Filet Mignon at a five-star restaurant you can feast like a lion. Just look at the many mouthwatering meat selections:

Picanha - Discover this prime cut of sirloin, traditionally seasoned with sea salt or garlic to bring out its natural flavor.

Fraldinha - This unique selection is taken from the bottom sirloin, seasoned in the gaucho tradition.

Costela de Porco - These tender pork ribs are slow roasted for remarkable flavor and tenderness.

Linguica - robust pork sausages are seasoned and slow-roasted to mouthwatering perfection.

Filet Mignon - this classic tenderloin cut is seasoned and fire-roasted to perfection. Also served wrapped in bacon.

Cordeiro - Leg of lamb, seasoned Brazilian style and carved tableside. Tender lamb chops also available.

Lombo - tender, parmesan-encrusted pork loin filets.

Costela - tender juicy beef ribs, slow-roasted to perfection

Beef Ancho - most prime part of the rib eye, resulting in incredibly memorable flavor and texture

Alcatra - tender cut of top sirloin known for its distinctive flavor and tenderness.

Frango - Unique cuts of poultry, including tender chicken legs and bacon-wrapped chicken breast.




With an extensive wine and cocktail selection (try the traditional Caipirinha!) and delicious desserts to top off the food marathon of decadent indulgence, Fogo De Chao is worth every penny of its fair price. It's perfect for Bachelor or Bachelorette parties, Birthdays, or any other special event. The restaurant has gorgeous private and semi-private dining rooms equipped with Audio/Visual capabilities. They can handle any special event need imaginable, from a 15 guest party to a full restaurant buyout event. We can't recommend Fogo De Chao enough for a memorable and delicious dining experience!

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