Sin City Etiquette That Will Help You In the Long Run

Sometimes when you mix inebriated adults from all corners of the globe with a city whose nick name is "Sin City" you don't always get favorable results in terms of politeness and respect among the human species. Somehow or another, basic manners go out the window. We blame it on the alcohol, but also when you're in a cosmopolitan city full of strangers from all over people seem to forget the golden rule: treat others how you want to be treated. Here are 7 essential etiquette guidelines that when applied help make the golden rule a reality.

1) Say "Please" and "Thank You"

This goes for tourists and servers a like. Etiquette is a two-way street. First impressions are important so tacking on these magical words on the end of your sentence will make your experience a more pleasant one.

2) Tip

People don't realize how much the tip economy is responsible for the excellent service that is still prevails throughout the city. That busser who is helping you bring girls to your table? They're doing it for tips. That girl who comps all your drinks while you are at the bar playing keno? Tips. Here is a short guide to tipping in Vegas. Always check for gratuity being calculated into your bill:

Bartenders: $1 per drink or 15-20%

Waiters: 15-20%

Bellman: $1-2 per bag

Taxi Driver: 10-15% of fare based on quality of service

Valet: $2-5 upon receiving vehicle

Dealer: 5% of bet amount

Slot Machines Host: If the host pays you out over $1000, $10-20 is the standard.

3) Don't Cut In Line/Don't push and shove.

We understand in many parts of the world "cueing" is not a thing. Darwinism still reigns supreme in the majority of the world, but this is America and we pride ourselves on keeping order and being fair. First come first serve, watch your shoulders, elbows, and feet.

4) Avoid belligerent drunkenness

Vegas newbies often get it twisted. They think Vegas is grounds for reliving the college days and the "YOLO" lifestyle in general. Wrong. The Barons of Vegas wanted something greater for our fair city. They wanted everyone to feel like Sinatra and Dino. Despite newer and fancier hotels being built, year after year first-timers come to walk the streets in a drunken stupor... littering and shouting obscenities. Watch your drink intake and drink plenty of water. Don't be that person to get kicked out of an establishment, or worse gets blacklisted.

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5) Co-ed bathroom use is a no-no

Lately as Vegas crowds get larger and larger. We've seen an increase of "cross-over" bathroom use. We don't want to call anybody out, but this seems to to apply to ladies more so than men. We here at Galavantier understand your struggle ladies, your bathroom lines are notoriously longer than the men's line and sometimes you just have to go. We recommend taking random trips to the bathroom and trying to empty the tank before its full. Also please spare yourself the embarrassment of getting kicked out or arrested  if you are heading to the bathroom for any other mischievous purposes besides getting rid of bodily waste and/or freshening up.

6) Smoking/Vaping Etiquette

It seem that because of Hollywood, tourists believe that Vegas is a city frozen in the decade of the 70's. There are no smoking laws and you're free to light up that fat stogie wherever you please. The thing is Vegas has fought hard for better smoking regulations to keep people happy and healthy here in Sin City. Always check with a front desk agent at a hotel to see what the smoking rules are or find out where the designated smoking areas are. Casinos like Trump among others are mostly non-smoking. If you're outdoors and in the company of strangers it is always nice to ask "Mind if I smoke?".

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