The 3 Best Vegas Restaurants to Start The Party

The sun sets. The sun rises. Wash, rinse, and repeat with more drinks. This is the Vegas lifestyle schedule we know and love, where day melds into night and fades back into a dreaded sunrise, so it's no wonder that our city has mastered the art of having restaurants meld into the nightlife scene with electrified grace. Here are some of our favorite ways to get dinner and wasted at the same time.

Legit, this was my initial thought upon walking into Hofbrauhaus for the first time - "I don't think I'm prepared for this!" My dear friends suggested the idea of grabbing beers and sausages for dinner one Friday night (to which I emphatically agreed to) and told me Hofbrauhaus was the place to do it. You have to be informed that this is basically a straight up German drinking hall, paying perfect tribute to what I imagine Oktoberfest in Munich to be like. Walk through the doors past the host stand, and WHAM - belligerent bachelor parties! Tushes being paddled with authority! Classic Bavarian brews in every hand! A 20-foot alpine horn reverberating the vaulted ceilings, echoing through your eardrums like a rampant elephant drunk on its recent beer bong!

Seriously, all that within the first 10 seconds of walking inside. It's glorious. The beer is large and in charge, and the food really is awesome to nosh on while you party with your freunde (or friends.) It's the wurst. No really - it's all about their wursts. Sample plates of their sausage varietals plus their potato soup is really all you need to compliment your beer, but the expansive menu lets you taste all kinds of German yumminess.

Put on your hottest little cocktail dress and pumps -- all for dinner & drinks at LAVO. Definitely more chic than your night at Hofbrauhaus, LAVO is where to be seen revving up for your night at the clubs. Hell, you might even meet cool new friends that'll change the course of your night into a Hangover-esque adventure. Their upstairs lounge was recently redesigned and worth checking out for cocktails. The shining star and legend of LAVO are their Meatballs. It is 'The Meatball' of Vegas, to most patrons, and was recently named one of the most Iconic Meat Dishes in Vegas by Eater Vegas. Made from ground A-5 Kobe beef and offering variations that include whipped ricotta or garlic crostini, this is the menu item to help soak up all those cocktails. Relish in the ambiance of LAVO, the beautiful people all around, and the tasty food before you.

La Comida
Moving into the Downtown Vegas neck of the woods, we can't leave out our local haunt La Comida on 6th Street. Let's start off with a random fact to help coerce you toward La Comida's entryway (though it does a fine job on its own): Did you know that tequila is the only alcohol that acts as an stimulant instead of a depressant? Plus, having a shot after a big meal can help aid digestion. Thus, drinks at La Comida before bar hopping in DTLV (Downtown Las Vegas) is the obvious choice. Tucked behind the super-popular Commonweath, La Comida is everything one would want in a Mexican restaurant; colorful lighting for an attractive glow, strong drinks and hot, delicious plates. Not to brag, but my bestie and I totally rocked our menu selection on our very first visit. Rounds of blood orange and prickly pear margaritas, Queso Fundido, Guacamole, Sea Bass Baja Tacos and Huevos Rancheros. Do NOT forget the Huevos Rancheros, friends. We know how well breakfast & drinking go together, so use this as the perfect base for your night of drinking.

Now that you've satiated your appetite and pre-gamed, we hope you safely carry out the rest of your night in Las Vegas making memories, mistakes, forgetting them, and then using blurry phone pics to puzzle together the pieces. If you're wondering where to head out into the Vegas nightlife scene, don't forget that our hosts are the best local experts around and are always waiting to help you out with planning.