The Best Bottle Service Deals for Beginners

If you haven't taken note yet, Vegas currently is in the Gilded Age of nightlife. Never before has clubbing hit such a peak yet remained so accessible to the everyday party goer, raver, and music fan. If you're visiting Vegas just for the heck of it rather than a grand occasion like a bachelor or bachelorette party, and aren't as "blessed" as some of the upper echelons of American society then have no fear... we are here as your humble nightlife advisors to show you where to find the elusive nightclub "bottle deal" without reluctance.

When it come to planning an awesome Sin City vacation, it always helps to have a starting point. You've had your fill of waiting in line and having nowhere to rest your barking dogs and you're ready to venture into the world of nightclub tables. Here are our top picks for the raddest bottle specials in Sin City:


Bottle Specials

The bottle special as we know it today has evolved from a simple foot in the door and landing a shoddy table in a lower-tier nightclub to a versatile option at some of the best nightclubs around. Here are what we consider some of the best deals you'll find in town:

1. Drai's Nightclub - Buy 1 Premium Bottle & get 1 Premium Bottle at same or lesser value for FREE 

Available for up to 6 maximum guests Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday

Who doesn't love variety? Sometimes a darker liquor does the trick at a club. One thing is for sure Drai's offers a very uniquely awesome bottle special in that it gives you the option to select any premium bottle you'd like whether it be vodka, whiskey, rum, or cognac!

2. Tryst - 2 Bottles of Grey Goose

Available for up to 8 maximum guests Thursday - Saturday

One of the most beloved Hip-Hop and Top 40's nightclubs is closing it's doors after October 31st. If you have yet to check out this wonderful Wynn nightclub then don't miss out on your chance to check out an incredible and fairly priced nightclub.

3. XS Nightclub - 2 Bottles of Grey Goose

Available for up to 8 maximum guests Sunday - Monday

One would think that an elite mega club at a 5 star hotel wouldn't be that easy on the pocketbook, but XS does just that with some awesome entry level table and bottle specials. XS offers the classic Goose special for just a bit more that is perfect for any medium-sized group.


Beverage Minimums

The second way to secure a decent table is to spend the minimum amount required to reserve a particular table. Nightclub tables are like real estate, every piece of land has it's price. That being said a customer by no means has to spend an arm and a leg to get a sweet table and a nice club. Here are our top picks for the best entry level tables in town:

1. Marquee - Library Table with $700 beverage credit (maximum 6 guests)

One of the premier nightclubs here in town also offers sane pricing. Just the right amount of alcohol to have a kickass night!

2. Chateau Nightclub - Deck Table with $650 beverage credit (maximum 8 guests)

Chateau is a great club and it offers great table service for reasonable pricing. If you are a fan of Hip-Hop and Top 40's then definitely check it out.

3. TAO Nightclub - Sky Box Main Room Table with $1,500 beverage credit (maximum 8 guests)

If you have not gotten the chance to party at TAO we highly recommend getting a table at one of the original Vegas mega clubs. If you're a fan of Hip-Hop then TAO is in our Top 3 spots.


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