The Galavantier Itinerary: Families in Vegas

I’m the cool dad. I just thought I would get that out of the way right from the start. Right after my kids soared high above a giant fan that gave them the exhilarating feeling of free falling at Vegas Indoor Skydiving, it was clear that I could get away with way more than most parents will ever dream of. I’ll be able to wear the dolphin shorts at the beach and my kids will still acknowledge me.

You see, Las Vegas is a fun place for the family as long as you don’t subscribe to the crazy notion that Las Vegas has been transformed into a giant kid friendly vacation spot. It’s not. It’s still that great place that you started thinking about the minute you were old enough to gamble and drink legally.

The exception is pretty basic.

Vegas is still Vegas but you can have a pretty good family vacation while staying on the Las Vegas strip. All you have to remember is that on occasion you will have to find alternate routes through the hotel if you want your kids to avoid the casino, the dancing girls and the cigarette smoke. Or, you can just explain those things as activities to look forward to when they grow up.

So now that I have told you Las Vegas is fun for families and then explained that it is not kid friendly I’m going to explain what I do and why kids want to go to Las Vegas.

Your day will start a Fast Lap Kart Racing. The entire family will jump into these quick, small cart racers and you will experience one of those moments that people without kids just don’t get. You’ll hug the corners as you watch your kids attempt to run you off the track. You’ll stomp on the gas pedal as you keep an eye out for your kids. You’ll wince as they drift through the sharp turns and just miss the barriers. As you worry, they pull away. By the time the checkered flag is raised they have lapped you and all you can see is their wide eyes in the helmet. Once again, you are awesome because you raced and lost.

Lunch should include chocolate. That is the golden rule. It’s the only rule. Serendipity 3 at Caesars Palace will not only satisfy the sweet requirement of a kid’s diet it can also be a fairly reasonably priced option if you convince your kids to share the large portions. Promise them a Frozen Hot Chocolate if they share a burger, a dog or if the entire family shares a steak sandwich.

Your afternoon will be spent at Mac King at Harrah’s Las Vegas because there is virtually no other show in Las Vegas that is as good, as entertaining or as family friendly. When you consider the price and the performance this is among the very best shows in Las Vegas and it is the very best family friendly show on the Las Vegas strip. Should I make it any clearer? This is a very good show and your kids will once again think you are a rock star.

While the rest of your afternoon might be spent at a pool or at a spot such as Adventuredome at Circus Circus or the Coney Island Emporium at NY/NY Hotel and Casino prepare your kids for the ultimate Las Vegas adventure.

As the sun goes down and the lights come up on the Las Vega strip take your kids over to Maverick Helicopters and surprise them with a helicopter ride over the strip. The lights below them will dazzle their imaginations and as you engage in a conversation with the guide you can be positive that they will never forget the feeling of seeing the Stratosphere Tower from a helicopter.