The Insider: The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas

Name one place in Vegas where you’ll find legendary music acts like Arcade Fire, Crosby Stills and Nash, Drake, Tiesto and Guns N’ Roses? Easy. The Hard Rock Hotel’s premiere music venue, The Joint Las Vegas. Since opening a new and improved live music venue in April 2009, The Joint Las Vegas has been home to some of the best live music performances Sin City has ever seen.

Designed in the vein of an intimate venue, The Joint Las Vegas holds up to 4,000 music lovers and comes with luxe accents and encompasses three levels. It’s fair to say this place has no obstructed views to see the stage, whether you are all the way up front or chilling in the back on the main floor, everywhere offers a great view of the stage. Plus with a heap of cocktail servers on the floor, you don’t have to lose your prime time spot to order a drink, so relax and enjoy the show.

But if you don’t mind getting your own drinks, another thing that should make you smile are the two large bars situated on the main level. Fully stocked and with draft beer on tap, the drinks are also reasonably priced, considering the occasion, so get excited.

And take note, if trips to the bar and floor level general admission concert going are not your thing--even though such a thing here isn’t a negative--score a VIP Luxury Suite or Table on the Studio Level. It’s worth the extra cash. What comes with it? Full service all night long. Order up your favorite drinks, order snacks, do some people watching and most importantly, get fully immersed in the show without worrying about the person next to you--you’ll have lots of space to dance (or whatever you do) and cozy couches to rest on in between songs.

Last, but certainly not least, The Joint Las Vegas is a top pick thanks to an impeccable sound system. If you ever wanted to hear your favorite artist in their entire audio splendor, definitely opt to see them at The Joint Las Vegas. Promise, you won’t be disappointed – it’s no wonder Billboard Magazine voted The Joint Las Vegas “No. 1 Hottest Club in America.”

Insider Tip: If the show you are dying to see is sold out, check the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas website for room and show packages.  There are usually a handful to be had and the easiest way for you to score a couple tickets to a sold out show.