The Nightclub: XS at Wynn

It's almost the weekend and you are thinking of a Las Vegas nightclub. I have plans for you. You are headed to one of the hottest of the hot Vegas clubs, XS at Wynn, the resort that has totally become the party spot. Wanna hear something crazy? XS and its sister clubs Tryst and Surrender have the lock on so many big DJs in Vegas, it’s like a year-round Electric Daisy Carnival. On any given weekend, you might be waving your hands in front of a DJ booth holding Guetta, Afrojack, Bassnectar, Calvin Harris, Diplo, Dirty South, Redfoo, Jermaine Dupri… crazy, right?

You’re not going to get there too early though, so let’s find a place to drink. Of course there are a bunch of bars to choose from in Wynn and Encore, But if you want to start mellow, choose a glass of wine or a cocktail at the dark and dramatic La Cave. Parasol Up or the Encore Lobby bar are good spots for something more social, but if you really want to make an impression, meet at the less populated Tower Suite Bar in Wynn, with an impressive selection of high-end wines by the glass as well as exclusive cocktails.

Before things get too late, you’ll want to eat something. Most people will tell you to hit Botero, the cool steak spot right next to XS (love the sashimi crudo tasting, branzino and Kobe short rib). But everyone else is going to have the same thought. So consider walking across the casino floor to Mizumi, the gorgeous Japanese restaurant wrapped around a waterfall, that has it all. And that’s not just an expression—what makes Mizumi different is that it features several styles of Japanese food under one roof, including sushi of course, a robotayaki charcoal grill, teppanyaki and tempura. There’s a nice selection of sakes here as well as some very well crafted signature cocktails, Ishiyaki Tartare Bi Bim Bap is a nice specialty here, while the Togarashi Crispy Maine Shrimp is a decadent delight. You’ll be thinking about small plates like the Spicy King Crab and Taro Tacos or Japanese King Quail for days to come. Seriously.

Now, XS is a club where all of the tables have a great view of the dance floor, so investing in some real estate isn’t a bad idea here. Even if you don’t though, the guys at the door will get you in quickly enough, and with all the area to roam around, you won’t get bored easily. If you do, there’s always a pizza with your name on it at Allegro. Yup, I just checked. It’s got your name on it.