The Ultimate Bachelor Party Guide To Navigating Vegas Nightlife

Okay, so part of your wolf pack is getting married and while you may be sad to lose a single brother or happy to gain another wedded couple to the list of Saturday night double daters, either way it’s your responsibility to show your bro the best night of his life for his bachelor party. So, obviously, the first thing you think of is Vegas baby!

While you’ve probably been to Vegas a time or two, ahem, it’s an entirely other ball game to actually plan a boy’s weekend to bid single life farewell. You’ve got to determine which gentlemen’s club to begin with if any, what about pool parties, nightclubs, car racing, skydiving, hotels, airfare, and holy hell, the list just goes on and on.

When it comes to the groom-to-be and his groomsmen you know your boy best, but when it comes to Vegas, we got this. So check out the available options below so you can navigate Vegas.

First things first, the epic hotel party suite.

Party Suites

Depending on how many dudes are hanging for the weekend will depend on the kind of room you get, however, the best way to baller status is a party suite. On the high end of the spectrum you’ve got The Hardwood Suite at the Palms Casino Hotel. This bad boy has basketball court, pool table, full bar and 24-hour butler service. Yeah, calling all ballers!

Another baller status suite would be the Penthouse Real World Suite at Hard Rock Hotel where you’ve got a bowling alley, fish tank, pool table, and a view of the pool. If you’ve ever seen MTV’s Real World show, then this 3-bedroom suite should look familiar.

Okay, so, let’s say club life is the name of your game, then we highly recommend you book the Tower Suites at Wynn or Encore. You can easily head downstairs to enjoy XS, Surrender, Tryst Nightclubs or Encore Beach Club while you’re in town. Plus, these classy suites have epic views of the Strip while you pregame in the room before you head out on the town.

Another very viable option for your bachelor party weekend is staying at the Wraparound Terrace Suite in The Cosmopolitan. This is one helluva suite with a gorgeous private terrace giving you and the guys an awesome view plus you’ve got a wine chiller and fridge so you can keep your in-room cocktails chilled.

Okay, now that you’ve got your room situated, it’s time to figure out nightlife. Let’s start with the obvious must-do activity while in Vegas: gentlemen’s clubs.

Gentlemen’s Clubs

There are a wide variety of gentlemen’s clubs to choose from, but there is approximately a handful that I would recommend beginning with Spearmint Rhino. It has four stages sprinkled throughout 20,000 square feet and a very fun private room for the intimate lap dance. It’s very safari-meets-classy-cigar-lounge inside with dark interiors and some extreme hotties all around. Now, you’ve also got Larry Flynt’s Hustlers Club, which is also a pretty sexy and sizable gentlemen’s club. It’s further from the Strip, but transportation is available. It’s more of an open venue rather than smaller rooms, although VIP private suites are also available.

You’ve also got Sapphire, which is the largest gentlemen’s club in the world. There are some very beautiful dancers here and it is expansive, but, in my opinion and it could be that I’m a girl, but the ladies aren’t the friendliest so while it’s wildly popular, it’s not my first choice.

Now, if you’re with a homeboy that is on a tight leash and the bride-to-be has demanded no strip clubs, but it is Vegas after all, I would recommend going to Treasures. This is a steakhouse and gentlemen’s club combo, so it’s a classier version of most strip clubs and technically you’re just having dinner, so you’ve got an excuse.


Gentlemen’s clubs are definitely a must, but let’s not forget where you need to start the night and that’s at a nightclub. Like I mentioned before, if you’re staying at Wynn or Encore hotel properties then you can always head downstairs to the nightclubs on the property. Some other great hotspots that are always a good time include Marquee, Foxtail, LiFE, Light and Drai’s; of course the list goes on and on, it is Vegas after all.

It can be very difficult to pick what nightclub to go to and when while you’re in town, but it all depends on your personal tastes. Do you want a bigger, multi-level club or are you looking specifically for a certain type of music or DJ? Are you looking for something more chill? And, FYI, ALL of the clubs have sexy ladies, so don’t ask because it’s a non-issue.

If you and your crew are uber big electronic dance music (EDM) fans then head to Light, Surrender, LiFE or XS. If hip hop is more your scene, then try LAX, Body English, Chateau or 1 OAK. You’ve also got Drai’s, which is simply gorgeous on the rooftop of The Cromwell.

Once you’ve picked a club, just know that you can’t just roll up to the door and expect to get in, it is Vegas and clubs prefer ladies, not gents. With that said, you’re best bet for getting a bachelor party in is getting a table, that way the ladies flock to your group. Or, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly solution to avoiding standing in line for hours, get hosted entry. You’ll at least have someone walk you passed the line to look like a sorta baller.

Play Time

You’ve sorted out most of the essentials for the bachelor party, now it’s time to fill in the blanks with some good, wholesome fun. And by that I mean shooting some machine guns, jumping out of a plane, racing a Ferrari or Vore truck, seeing a sexy show like Zombie Burlesque or Absinthe. Seriously, Vegas offers all of this and so much more!

This article is long enough, so if you have any more questions on planning your bachelor party, just hit us up here or give us a ring at 702-448-6900.