This Summer in Las Vegas: Bringing the Kids

Summer vacation and the kids in Las Vegas. Some people say yes, there are plenty of things to do in Las Vegas for kids and then another segment of the population that would have you believe that all that is bad roams the Las Vegas strip and kids should avoid it. I have two young kids and they have spent plenty of time on the strip and I’m here to tell you that Las Vegas is a great option for a family vacation.
Las Vegas is inexpensive. Food options are plentiful and there are so many things to do with your kids in Las Vegas that they’ll be asking you to stay a little longer.

It’s time to have the kids put the video games down and explore the world around them. Here are 5 spots that you can take the kids to that are relatively inexpensive and just a few minutes from the Las Vegas strip.

  • Springs Preserve – Bugs, reptiles, rocks and water. The interactive exhibits will intrigue your kids and the space to run around might get you a nap when you get home. Check their website for the special events as they have plenty of reasons to head over even if you don’t bring the kids.
  • Weather you are taking a brisk walk along a streambed or scrambling up some sandstone rock formations there are plenty of options for kids of any age at Red Rock Canyon. The visitors enter has plenty of information to help you choose the right hike for you.
    Try a Scooter at Red Rock Canyon
  • Have you ever been inside a real gold mine? Yes, it’s a little creepy when they turn the lights off and the darkness overwhelms you but it’s fun way to learn a little history and fantasize about how much gold is still sitting in the hills at El Dorado Canyon.
    Take a Pink Jeep Tour to El Dorado Canyon
  • If your kids are a little younger check out the Discovery Museum where they’ll be able to touch, squeeze, feel, smell and see the natural and not so natural world around them. Put a time limit on them because they’ll want to stay all day. Personally I love the water exhibits as these always spark the curiosity of my children and the moment they get home they start building their own water systems.
  • When was the last time you rode a pony or watched a real old west gun fight? Head to Bonnie Springs Ranch to pet some animals, have some lunch or buy yourself a new cowboy hat.