Travel Tip Wednesday: 10 Things to Keep in Your Carry-on Bag or Briefcase

Ready to take flight? Whether you are traveling for business or heading to Las Vegas for a weekend getaway, there are some essentials you should consider packing in your carry-on.  Better safe than sorry and they’ll make work-on-the-go a lot smoother.

  1. Key documents and reservation information – If you have a technology breakdown, having a one sheet with all your important phone numbers, reservation confirmations and pertinent information will come in handy.
  2. Charges and extension cords – One of the worst feelings is forgetting the cords to charge up your electronics.  Make sure besides the obvious of your license, cash, credit cards and phone this is number one.
  3. Pad of paper and writing utensils – phone breaks, gets lost, laptop not charged up?  Good old pad and paper will come in hand to take notes and does not take up a lot of room.
  4. Business cards – You never know who you may sit next to on the airplane, meet in the taxi line, etc.
  5. Headphones, earplugs (don’t forget your favorite mp3 player too) – those five hour flights are made much easier when you can zone out the noise.
  6. Change for parking meter – it’s the times you least expect to need some spare change that you wish you had it on you.  Two dollars in quarters should do the trick.
  7. Medicine/Prescriptions – Head to the pharmacy and get yourself a small pill case to keep all your prescriptions, some Tylenol/Advil.
  8. Hand sanitizer – getting sick is never fun and keeping yourself free of germs while traveling is something everyone should strive for.
  9. Breath mints, chewing gum – Halitosis, no thank you!  Your mouth gets dried out and stale when flying, keep it smelling fresh and clean.
  10. Snacks – A bag of mixed nuts or a couple energy bars will do the trick when you are in a pinch and provide a dose of energy when you really need it.