Travel Tip Wednesday: Airport Perks You Should Know

Travel Tip Wednesday is back and here’s to helping you fly easier in the coming year.  To reach your final destination it’s likely by car or possibly train but for a bulk of travelers out there chances are it is by airplane.  And in today’s competitive world there are a heap of benefits that, unless you really do your research, go unknown to the average traveler.  Thanks to Sarah Spagnolo of Travel + Leisure Magazine and her recent feature on Today, who offers up some of the best perks out there for those choosing to fly.

Sarah says:

Look to fly out of small regional airports as they can offer some unique and innovative perks to steer you away from bigger airports.

A few examples:

Outagamie County Regional Airport in Appleton, Wisconsin – offers points to fly out of the airport which can be redeemed for free parking, travel oriented prizes like travel chargers and neck pillows and more

Greater Binghamton Airport in Binghamton, New York – offers frequent flyer miles, parking passes, coffee and newspaper; really great for business travelers

Harrisburg International Airport in Middletown, Pennsylvania – sign up for the HIA Flyer Rewards program and you gain access to the front of the HIA security checkpoint as well as entry to the Susquehanna Club to relax before you flight and enjoy complimentary coffee, read the newspaper and more

Sarah also recommends a great site called Thanks Again where you can earn miles and rewards for every dollar spent at over 160 airports around the country. As a bonus, your favorite restaurants, shops, car services and more could potentially earn you miles as well.