Travel Tip Wednesday: CEO Shares Holiday Tips

Earlier this week, Co-Founder and CEO, Marko Greisen joined CBS Las Vegas newscaster, Dayna Roselli on the morning news broadcast to share some travel tips, top winter destinations as well as Las Vegas getaway ideas this holiday season.

Here’s the clip from the broadcast as well as some travel tips for you to remember when traveling.  Also if you visit the Facebook page you can download a packing checklist.


Travel Tips:

Copy important documents: Make photo copies of credit cards and I'd, leave one with a family member at home and keep a copy safe your travel bag. If you are leaving the country, do the same for your passport and place it in your shoe to get it safe.


Maps and guide books: if you belong to AAA either go to a location or if you have a smart phone, download a city guide.


Reservation Re-Confirmation: Any reservations made, give a call 24-48 hours in advance of your arrival to double-check your arrangements and make sure everything is what you expect upon arrival.


Packing Tip: When packing clothes, roll them - trust me, you can fit more in your bag.


Pack a change of clothes in your carry on: If you are checking luggage, bring a change of clothes in your carry-on just in case.  The last thing on holiday is not having your bag reach your destination but in the event that it does


Don’t forget your phone charger: To prevent leaving your phone charger in your hotel room when you check out (which, alas, happened to me once), unplug the charger every time you remove your phone and put it back in your luggage.


Find some of the best places to eat by locals: Yelp it.


Prevent toiletry spills: Place a plastic bag under the screw caps of soaps and shampoos and tie the bag around the bottle. This way if the cap opens, the bottle spills into the bag, not on your clothes.




Fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday. Traveling on off-peak days—and at off-peak times—means lower fares, a less crowded cabin, and a greater chance of snagging those elusive mileage-award seats. Taking two days off for a long weekend? Instead of a Thursday–Sunday or Friday–Monday trip, save money by flying on a Saturday and returning on a Tuesday.


Low-cost airlines aren't always the cheapest: The ticket price may appear to be a bargain, but take a minute to tally the additional expenses. These include items such as booking fees, check-in baggage fees, advance seat reservation fees, and food and drinks on board.


Don’t get duked: Question charges like resort fees or valet parking at hotels. Often they will be removed from your bill if you question them at check-out.


Don’t just rely on the airline: Before you start your trip, take a photo of your luggage. Put yourself into the pic, standing next to the bag. (This will give a good idea of the bag's size.) Keep the shot in your camera, and also print out a copy. When your bag goes missing, hand over the copy (or show the in-cam shot) to the baggage folks at the airport. This can really help with finding your luggage.


Small snacks: energy bars and nuts are easy to pack and will provide instant energy if you need a quick pick me up.