Travel Tip Wednesday: Summer Travel Reminders

Hey everyone, Galavantier Guru back with another Travel Tip.  There is still some time left to travel this summer and I want to remind you about a few things you should take note of when preparing to set off on your vacations.

Driving Instead of Flying: The out of state license plate is a beacon signal for thieves; make sure if you leave anything in your car it is in the trunk and out of plain sight. Also make sure you get your car checked out and make sure everything is running properly, especially you’re A/C, if you are planning to make a lengthy drive.

Credit Cards: First, make sure to call your credit card provider and let them know you will be traveling.  With credit card fraud a big issue these days, at least the provider will know where you are traveling to and can ensure you encounter no issues using your card.  Also lighten your wallet and travel with one credit card, not multiple.  God forbid you lose or have your wallet stolen, you will only have to cancel one card.

Make Copies: This will take a few minutes and could save you a lot of time and anxiety.  Make color copies of your license, passport, credit and debit cards. Leave one copy at home and/or with someone you trust and keep one copy in your hotel room safe.  In the event you lose your ID, you will have a backup you can use to get home.

Public WiFi: If you can find public WiFi, fantastic but try not to visit sites that could easily make your personal information (address, bank accounts, social security number, etc.) easy for internet hackers to grab from a public network.  Identity theft is not something you want to deal with when returning from a vacation.

Cash: Take a little money and stash it somewhere in your belongings just in case you need to flag a cab, tip someone, etc.

Travel Insurance: You may overlook this one but please don’t.  Especially if you find yourself leaving the country for any travel, this is a precaution you are going to be glad you signed up for.  I like AAA in general but their Travel Insurance is just another reason to take advantage and use their services for your travel needs.

These are just a handful of tips to help make your travel this summer a little easier.  If you have any more tips for fellow Galavantiers, we encourage you to post them in the comments section below.

Until next time,

Galavantier Guru signing off