Traveling Solo? Check out TRIPtrotting

Recently I came across the site and was intrigued by the concept.  The website essentially puts you in touch with people from around the world so if you are visiting an unfamiliar place, you can instantly have a friend.

What I like about the site is that it seems like a good resource for solo travelers and that it could potentially steer travelers to visit specific places because they know they will have a friend, tour guide, liaison, etc.  Also just like here at Galavantier how we are creating a global community of people who like to travel, TRIPtrotting is doing the same thing and I like to think of it as they are perhaps creating a new way to look at pen pals.

A few things I am not quite sold on are they say it’s a verified community and each host goes through a screening process but how do you really know and can you trust complete strangers on the opposite side of the world?  Also knowing that it is skewed more to a younger demographic I believe it limits the potential of this global community.  There is also a tip program associated with the service to pay your “friend” if they were helpful during your visit.  While I understand the reasoning behind this, it seems to be more in-depth and confusing when reading about it on the site.

Regardless, I am interested to see this site grow because I know I for one love meeting people from all over the world and this is a great tool to do just that.


If you have used TRIPtrotting I’d love to know about your experience.