UFC 194 Weekend : After-Fight Party Glory in Vegas

UFC 194 in Las Vegas this weekend is arguably considered to be one of the most exciting and fervent fight cards in UFC history by longtime fans and casual enthusiasts alike. Although the sport is just hitting its stride in terms of popularity across the globe... here in Las Vegas professional fighting is a local pastime. Many have deemed professional boxing to be nothing but a corpse since Mayweather's announced retirement, and octagon super-stars like interim featherweight champion Conor McGregor have ambitiously rushed to fill the hype void with braggadocio and opulence.  

Nightclubs have taken notice on the ability for these modern-day gladiators to draw a crowd, and even party and celebrate like rock stars the very night after a fight to the death in the octagon. After-fight parties took off like gangbusters the last big fight weekend in Vegas and this time around we see a medley of all the hottest names hosting after-parties along the strip. Win or lose, they are down to party! Here is an overview of all the hottest happenings this weekend:


1. Paige Van Zant - TAO Nightclub, Friday


2. Daniel Cormier - Chateau Nightclub, Friday


3. Conor 'The Notorious' McGregor -  Foxtail Nightclub, Saturday


4. Luke Rockhold w/ Sultan + Shepard - Light Nightclub, Saturday


5. Urijah Faber & Chad Mendes w/ Lil Jon - Surrender Nightclub, Saturday


6. Jeremy Stephens - Chateau Nightclub, Saturday


7. UFC Octagon Girls After Party - Hyde Nightclub, Saturday


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