Vegas Extreme Park

Las Vegas is about to reach an all new level of extreme with Vegas Extreme Park! The first sustainable action sports theme park in the world is taking up a 90-acre lot fronting the Las Vegas Strip. This park is taking everything fun and putting it in one place for your convenience. The new entertainment facility will feature wave pools, zip lines, BMX tracks, a skatepark, whitewater rafting, wake boarding, motorcross, rock climbing and more. 

One of the park's many features includes a zipline coaster, which goes sideways as well as up and down. The zipline equipment actually shakes and moves in order to simulate a real flying experience. 

The development for this $60 million park will occur in phases, with a soft-opening scheduled for Winter 2016. Josh Kearney, founder of Vegas Extreme Park, is hoping to build 100% of the park with renewable sources, such as solar and wind energy. 

General admission for the park will be valued at $250 for "unlimited everything" all day, with gear included. Visitors can also enjoy single attractions, which will be available à la carte. Season passes for the park are running at $5,000 each. Kearny compares the season pass to an extreme gym membership. 

On top of all the action sports to choose from, the park design includes a poolclub, restaurants and entertainment. 

We don't know about you, but we could always use another poolclub in town! Vegas Extreme Park already sounds like it's going to be an epic addition to The Strip and we couldn't be more excited. We might just get rid of our gym memberships so we can fully commit to getting an extreme workout every day!