Where to Get a Fresh Cut in Vegas

Gentlemen, we've been in your position... you triple checked your bags, making sure not to forget a single thing (including toiletries), and you've arrived at the airport a couple hours ahead. Despite all this, you manage to land in Sin City somewhat desheveled and homely looking. That's right, you're not 100%... That mop on top of your head not only needs trimming, but it's also become a source of shame and scorn from your "crew".

You may find yourself asking, "Can I have a good time at the club without looking fresh? Does it really matter?" The answer is, quite simply, no. No you can't, and yes... it matters. "But I'm married/got a girlfriend, I'm not trying to impress anyone," you may retort. If not for yourself or your peers, then look your best for your significant other! Looking fresh will also ensure that you and your group don't get snubbed at the door. It can be hard for guys trying to find something other than the many salon and spas on The Strip. Barbering is back and many salon stylists simply cannot compete with the refined cuts of master barbers.  If you are in need of an emergency cut then have no fear, put your trust in these barber shops:


1. Hi-Roller Barber Shop (@hirollers_barbershop)  - 1120 S Maryland Pkwy




One of the coolest barber shops here in town, hi-roller provides custom cuts with rockabilly and punk vibes. So if you're looking to rock a slick pompadour to the clubs then hit up Hi-Roller. They'll even give you a complimentary Monster Energy drink to cure that hangover!


2. The Common Ground Barber Shop (@thecommongroundlv) - 975 S. Eastern Ave Suite 120 


Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 11.52.50 AM


If tight fades are your style and you want a fairly priced cut that bests any Hollywood hairdresser, then pay a visit to The Common Ground, run by young barbers Tuff and Josue. These guys and their steady hands are making serious strides in the barber game!


3. The Art of Shaving (@thartofshaving) - Forum Shops, Fashion Show Mall, various locations




If venturing outside the strip doesn't sound like your cup of tea and money is no object, then hit up any of the four The Art of Shaving locations on The Strip. The Art of Shaving represents the pinnacle of male grooming luxury. If you choose The Art of Shaving be sure to get a hot-towel straight razor shave!


4. Johnny Snips (@johnny_snips) - 9010 W Sahara Ave


Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 11.56.07 AM


Arguably one of the most talented barbers in the Las Vegas metropolitan area and perhaps the west coast, Jonny Snips works out of The Dime Salon and will turn your hair into a work of art. He wields his scissors, combs and blowdryers like paint brushes. If your goal is to turn heads with hair of the gods, then hit up Johnny for an appointment.


5. Mar Da Barber (@mardabarber)- 4001 S Buffalo Dr OR mobile cuts available 


Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 11.59.12 AM


Mar is an excellent barber who will travel to your hotel room to cut your hair. Don't hesitate to call him for an appointment if you'd rather not venture outside of your hotel.


If you if you need to ride in style to any of these locations, Click here or call us at702-448-6900 to book a sweet limo or party bus day excursion!