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1 OAK Nightclub , Mirage Hotel , 3400 S Las Vegas Blvd , Las Vegas , Nevada   89109

Hours of Operation: Fri-Sat 10:30pm - 4am Questions or Reservations: 702-805-5088

1 OAK is actually an acronym, which stands for “One of A Kind.” To claim your club is “one of a kind” is bold in Las Vegas, but 1 OAK Nightclub inside the Mirage more than backs the claim of its individuality, even in a town filled with almost strictly avant-garde clubs.

Two rooms make up this 16,000-square-foot New York import. Oftentimes, different genres of music play at the same time to give guests options for their night, enabling them to cruise between rooms for different vibes in each. Conversely, both rooms can be opened into one massive space when heavy hitters like Fergie or Pitbull take over the microphone.

Intimate VIP tables surround the DJ booth and dance floor — and with bars in each room, a fresh drink is never far away. 1 OAK is known for its high-end approach to service — and patrons can feel the difference between the level of attentiveness and care they receive at 1 OAK versus other clubs too busy to cater to the needs of their visitors. Known for bringing a slice of NYC lifestyle and atmosphere to Las Vegas, 1 OAK does do one thing that Manhattan clubs are famous for: surprise visits from huge performers, which brings a zeal to the crowd, as any night could be "the big night."

1 OAK is known by insiders as the best-kept secret in hip hop hotspots on The Vegas Strip, and that along with the mystery of who could be showing up adds to the allure. In terms of comfort, 1 OAK offers delightfully plush seating — U-shaped lounge couches are easy to sink into, listen to music from, or in the VIP area, enjoy a conversation with friends, clients, or business partners.

1 OAK is known to be small, but the owners and operators of this venue will tell you it's not the size but what you bring into the club that makes it pop. With exposed ceilings and LED lighting throughout, the club is not as bleakly dark as many other older or larger nightclubs on the main drag. And because 1 OAK is in the Mirage, guests of the hotel have one of the hippest spots in town just a few floors down — so no need for catching cabs or trying to sort out your Uber app at 4 a.m.

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