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Krush Nightclub , By The Orleans Hotel , 4740 Arville Street , Las Vegas , Nevada   89103

Hours of Operation: Wed-Sun 10pm - 4am Questions or Reservations: 702-805-5088

Where do all of the beautiful people come to party while in Sin City? You’ll find them at Krush Nightclub. All are invited to experience this glamorous new hot spot in the LGBTQ club scene, and whichever team you play for, you’re in for the wildest night of your life! This upscale venue features the hottest male and female gogo dancers to entertain and delight the masses. These scantily-clad dancers will have you shaking your bon bon until the lights come on.

If you ask nicely, they may even pose for a quick photo. Krush is the newest addition to the LGBTQ nightclub scene in Sin City and it is considered the largest club for this community as of yet. Located just Southwest of the infamous Las Vegas Strip, it is easy to access and even easier to enjoy a romping good time with friends. Get your night rolling with their top notch VIP bottle service and hookah, or spend some time getting to know the friendly and flirtatious bar staff. Krush Nightclub has the best signature drink menu, full of the sweetness you desire and innuendo to break the ice. We recommend starting your night off right with the Blue Balls Cock “tail”, a delicious blend of coconut rum, peach and sweet and sour.

If you find yourself partying until the wee hours of the early morning, try the Morning After Shot (basically the nightcap of champions) that includes a blend of Fireball to get you going and Peach Schnapps to ease the spiciness. After a hefty dose of liquid courage, sign up to sing karaoke or join a game of drag bingo. Don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes as this place is perfect for shaking it all night long. Make sure to stick around for the spectacular drag show that will leave you in awe as a platform drops from the ceiling and the beautiful performers electrify the crowd. The spacious club features a huge dance floor, plush VIP booths, and all the naughtiness you dream of. Let go of your inhibitions and take part in the most fabulous party in the Las Vegas Valley.

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