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XS Nightclub , Encore at Wynn , 3131 South Las Vegas Boulevard , Las Vegas , Nevada   89109

Hours of Operation: Fri-Mon 10pm - 4am Questions or Reservations: 702-805-5088

Steve Wynn is known for his lavish properties, and was the builder and developer of the Bellagio before high-end casinos in Las Vegas were en vogue. Wynn upped the ante with his signature resorts, Wynn and Encore. So, when the gaming magnate sought to build one of the top nightclubs in Las Vegas, he spared no expense — hence the name XS Nightclub.

With decor that includes 24-karat gold accents and other lavish embellishments, this 13,000 square foot mega club could be a symbol of excess in city that thrives on it — instead sets itself apart with an environment unlike any other you’ll find on the strip or off. As you walk into Encore’s XS Nightclub, the first sign of opulence and true “excess” is a 15-foot long gold-plated mold of nude women. Above the roaring crowd or in the afterhours respite from the glittering streets outside, a gold-plated chandelier rotates above the 1,100 square-foot dance floor that is packed nightly with superstar DJs, including The Chainsmokers, who is regularly behind the 1s and 2s.

While the inside of the club is the essence of ingenuity and visionary design combined, the physical atmosphere is just one of the many features that make XS a success — one need only check out the sheer numbers of people coming and going each night to know it’s a triumph of design, ambiance, music, and a top shelf bar that won’t quit.

Sponsoring and hosting all manner of events from Sunday Nightswim to sets from Kygo, and other artists, XS has something for the inner party animal in us all. And for those nights when you and your entourage want to take it down a notch, no sweat: leave the swagger at home and come chill with easy beats and soothing sounds — all you need to do is check the XS calendar for laidback events.

All in all, XS brings amazing atmosphere, size, and options — you can even reserve the club for your own private events, parties, bottle service, and much more. This is how you do the Vegas strip — in XS!

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