Hangover Cures For Your Vegas Venture

It's too bright in here - turn off the sun! If you're moving as slow as we do on the occasional Monday morning, then chances are you've familiarized yourself with that cruel mistress of the City of Sin: The Uber Hangover. There's an entire movie series named after it, so you know this city knows how to treat a hangover just as well as we know how to dish them out.

hangover archerHangover Heaven
Oh, how sweet it is to live in a modern-day society where you can make your hangover disappear faster than you can say "intravenous." Hangover Heaven is your top option if you've got stuff to do and your body just won't cooperate. Pop into the luxury bus and let the professionals inside rehydrate your alcohol-abused temple of a body so you can keep on partying like a rockstar. They'll administer a liter of IV fluid containing the goods to kill your headache, nausea and other nasty feelings.

Breakfast Joints
We all know what our specific cravings are after a night of horrendous drinking. I'm a hardcore biscuits and gravy kind of girl, but with as many delicious options as there are in Las Vegas, it's hard to pick a breakfast spot when your brain isn't working. Refer to our other Vegas Hangover article to get some ideas of the perfect breakfast spot depending on what kind of drunken night you just had.

If you want a one-stop-shop kind of breakfast place to feed your entire picky crew at once, then check out something like Hash House A Go Go at The Plaza or The LINQ. A huge menu with huge portions for big, hungover appetites without stepping foot in a hectic buffet situation.

Reduce Symptoms
Sometimes you don't have the luxury of coddling your hangover into submission and you need to resort to some down n' dirty hangover cures. Obviously water is your new best friend, so chug that immediately upon returning from the club. Resist the urge to pop a few ibuprofen because that acetaminophen will irritate your stomach more than help your oncoming headache. If you're aiming toward some meds, then stay away from those hokey "cure your hangover!" pills and take Vitamin B12 and folate, maybe a multivitamin to replenish what's been lost from a night of drinking.

Bottoms Up: Your best beverage options outside of water include apple or cranberry juice, sports drinks with electrolytes, or the all-powerful coconut water. Coconut water has five of the electrolytes found in human blood while most sports drinks only have two. Ginger and peppermint tea are also good to help your nausea.

Believe it or not, there actually are foods that are warriors against hangovers. You've likely encountered them before and knew they worked from experience. Breakfast yourself up with a fruity smoothie, a brothy soup, oatmeal, or the incredible, edible egg. Tomatoes pack a punch of healthy, normal human feelings because of their lycopene content, which is why a bloody Mary is so beloved for hangover brunches.

So there you have it -- how to feel like a functioning person again after making the Vegas night your submissive. There are more tips of how to drink strategically during your Vegas night out, but I think you're ultimately going to drink the way you want to have the best time, which includes bad booze decisions sometimes. When you're ready to make the right decision about your Vegas nightlife excursion, you know where to find us.