The Chainsmokers in Las Vegas

The Chainsmokers Residency in Las Vegas

If you don’t love The Chainsmokers, then you really need to question if you have an EDM soul. Only kidding, but really, who doesn’t love these guys? Frequent headliners of the Las Vegas party and club scene, The Chainsmokers signed a contract earlier this year to provide Wynn Nightlife exclusivity to any of The Chainsmokers’ nightclub or pool party performances.

What does that mean for you?

It means that for the next three years, you’ll be heading to one of Wynn’s amazing nightclubs – such as Intrigue and XS – or one of their epic pool parties – like Encore Beach Club.

Just because The Chainsmokers will be around for a few years doesn’t mean you should wait to see them. You never know what will happen at one of their events during their residency at Wynn. For example, just a few weekends ago, they dropped their new single “The One,” an amazing track that lulls partygoers into a hypnotic dance trance.

Check out the single below and get your tickets or tables to see The Chainsmokers here.