The Insider: The Spa at Trump International Hotel Las Vegas

To spa or not to spa? If you’re staying at Trump International Hotel Las Vegas, the answer is, without a doubt, to spa at The Spa at Trump.

This place is known for being a little different from many of the other big name Las Vegas hotels and resorts, so naturally the spa situation is a little different. And by different, I mean it’s about as luxurious as relaxation in the desert gets.

Kick off your visit with a trip to the steam room to prep for whatever treatment you’ve booked. If you’re a little unsure about navigating your way through the 11,000 square foot space, fear not, because the staff is friendly, helpful and work to ensure a fabulous experience for everyone who arrives. They’ll also show you where you’ll find the co-ed relaxation room, a serious retreat outfitted with chaise lounges, blankets, magazines and teas. Here’s another plus, if you opted to forgo a treatment and just hung around the spa for the afternoon (a small fee of $12) you can take advantage of DIY body scrubs and luxurious body oils in the men's and women’s locker areas. Nice.

Now let’s talk treatments. If you’re not sure what to go with, the Vegas Recovery Massage and Morning-After Eye Cure is always safe, but I’d recommend checking out the Signature Gemstones Treatment menu. Each of the treatments incorporate gem-infused oils (diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds) and address specific needs like calm, revitalization, purity and balance. You won’t be disappointed--promise!