Vegas Happenings: Openings, Closures & Everything In Between

This city is in a content state of flux. We shutter venues and buildings left and right then revel in the excitement of a newcomer, poised to deliver judgement about all faults and strengths since we’re all self-proclaimed experts. And maybe we are. If experience brings us wisdom, then perhaps Vegas can be the perfect judge of character, business and uniqueness.

KISS Rocks Vegas at The Joint - Now open!

KISS Vegas Photo Credit: © Erik Kabik/


We have been waiting eagerly for the ultimate rockstars to hit Vegas and it's finally happened! Legendary rockers KISS have begun their series of performances over at The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Let the rock n' rolling all night and partying every day commence...






Mike Tyson Mysteries - Now Playing on Comedy Central! 

Mike Tyson Mysteries

So it might not count as an "opening," really, but it's new and exciting! Vegas's own Mike Tyson now has a cartoon show on Comedy Central's Adult Swim called 'Mike Tyson Mysteries'. The show, which debuted Oct. 27, is a retro throwback to the days of Scooby Doo, but with a bit more "adultness" to it. Tyson teams up with the ghost of the Marquess of Queensberry (voiced by Oscar-winner Jim Rash), his adopted daughter Yung Hee (Rachel Ramras), and an alcoholic pigeon (Norm Macdonald). The team rallies together to solve mysteries and enigmas brought to him by Tyson's carrier pigeons. The reviews are pretty favorable, for the four episodes that have aired so far, so tune in to decide for yourself.

Oasis at Gold Spike - Open!

Oasis at Gold SpikeThe Gold Spike has always been a favorite hangout of ours, and now we can extend our stay a little bit longer. Oasis at Gold Spike is a cute little new boutique hotel offering some cool "Crash Pads" and rooms for any day of the week, but they are an especially perfect offering for a festival and holiday weekend. They opened for Life is Beautiful festival last month and are now taking reservations on their website.

SLS Buffet  - CLOSED 

SLS Buffet

Although SLS Las Vegas just opened their doors a few months ago, we're told that the SLS Buffet is closed until 2015 after some not-so-stellar revenue performance. Perhaps it was a result of being on the second floor, or the plethora of other dining options. Some employees are being put into new positions within the hotel, but a few have been laid off.


Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips - Opening Spring 2015

Gordon_Ramsay_Fish___Chips_ExteriorIf you've been binge-watching Master Chef like I have, you probably went "Woo! More Chef Ramsay in Vegas" when you heard about this new concept coming to The LINQ promenade next year. The restaurant (and overall culinary industry) mogul has always toted the importance of a good fish 'n' chips entrée in almost all of his shows at one point, so I take this as Gordon's way of saying, "Alright Vegas, THESE are real fish 'n' chips. If you want something done right, do it yourself." Then flames burst through the doors behind him and silhouette the Chef in all his entrepreneurial glory.

Off The Strip - Opening near December 2014

off the strip bistro

This long-awaited Italian bistro will finally be opening soon at The LINQ after some quiet delays since the original announcement of the venues to be featured in the LINQ complex. Off The Strip Bistro & Bar has existed in Vegas since 2007 over in the Southern Highlands, so this second location on the Strip makes me wonder how they're getting away with that name. They're probably just saying "Stop taking life so literally and eat this delicious pasta."



3535 Bar at The LINQ Hotel - Now open!

3535 BarThere's a new lounge in town and it's making its home over at the recently rebranded and refreshed LINQ Hotel. It's a modern and upscale new endeavor for the hotel and is now pouring some seriously awesome libations. You'll find some chic booths, seating and a well-stocked bar up on the raised area that the lounge sits on. The cocktail list is pretty extensive and even has a few mixed with juices from the juice bar, Squeeze (Hooray vitamins and booze). They're even giving the diamond-shaped ice cube away for free with your nice barrel-aged cocktails. Basically, hit it up before your night starts to get the mood right.


Sirio at Aria - CLOSED


Are you being totally sirio right now? Yes, totally sirio. Aria is seeing even more food & beverage progress than we noted in our last update on Vegas openings & closures. Italian restaurant Sirio has shut its doors after five years. No news yet as to what will be taking Sirio's place.