Weekend at Caesars

This Weekend at Caesars Palace. You made the decision to head to Vegas for the weekend. Real quick, let’s not make this another one of those Vegas trips where you spend half the time figuring out what to do. Let’s get this right before you get to the Las Vegas strip. PURE is the destination tonight, the queen of Vegas nightclubs that still glitters up the nights at Caesars Palace. Many others have made their splashes since PURE changed the game on the Strip, but it remains a sexy sure-thing, and these days almost feels intimate.

First, let’s ease into things with some drinks. If cocktails are the call, consider Central Michel Richard by the hotel lobby, with a big sexy bar and a creative martini list that won’t set you too far back. Feeling more classic? Go the other direction and find P.J. Clarke’s in the Forum Shops, where they will make you a perfect Manhattan or Side Car at a 150-year-old bar. (if you get there early enough try the $1 Oysters during happy hour) If you’re more in a beer mood, please don’t just grab one of the usual beers with “light” in the title. Did you really go to Vegas to have the same beer you can have at home? Check out the crazy list of draft and bottles at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill. Looking for romantic? Listen up: get directions to Guy Savoy’s Bubbles Bar for a couple glasses of champagne. It might not be the cheapest drink ever, but it will definitely be a memorable one.

Dinner wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Caesars has a lot of choices, and really none are bad, but if the line’s not too bad, you might actually want to hit the buffet! Hear us out—Caesar’s just did a major revamp of the Bacchanal, and it’s so extensive and creative now, it might take you a half hour just to see everything they serve. Do not give up before you get to the Asian selections at the far end, or the dozens and dozens of desserts. If a great steak is more the mood, Old Homestead definitely has them (and an amazing seafood tower). Then there’s seasonal, sophisticated Spago, or if the gang wants something just a little more simple, stay at Ramsay’s for Fish & Chips and Shepherd’s Pie.

Lines at PURE are thankfully some of the most organized of any Vegas club, so you’ll probably be outside just long enough to digest. Then decide where to get your club on: either on the sweaty, sexy dance floor, at one of the see you—see me stage tables, or maybe upstairs on their infamous Strip-view patio.

Before you know it, the wee hours will have you headed back out to the casino floor, but if a little clarity is needed before hitting the tables at the home of The Hangover, don’t sweat—Central is open all night, and there’s Starbuck’s and Payard for the morning.

Day one is done, day two is up to you. Find a few more things to do and make the most of your weekend getaway.