Fight Weekend in Vegas 2017
What's Happening During Fight Weekend in Vegas 2017

It’s one of the most coveted fights in Sin City since Mayweather and Pacquiao. The Canelo Alvarez versus Julio Cesar Chavez fight at T-Mobile Arena on Saturday, May 6 is currently near sold out with only upper-level tickets going for a minimum of $400 plus at the time of publication.

Seeing as how this is one of the biggest all-Mexican fights ever and it’s being hosted in Vegas over Cinco de Mayo weekend, you know that the nightclubs are pulling out all the stops to ensure the parties are lit all weekend long.

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Where To Find The Most Beautiful Cocktail Servers in Sin City

No matter if you are a guy or a girl, and whatever your sexual preference may be, when you're in Vegas it's all about surrounding yourself with beautiful people. When you're looking for that perfect Las Vegas nightclub or pool party to hit up, your deciding factor may come down to where to find the most beautiful waitresses. It's just human nature that beautiful people attract other beautiful people, so why not go where all the beautiful people will be partying. Check out our hot list, which was really difficult to choose because it's Vegas and beauty reigns supreme here.

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Spring Break Pool Party Las Vegas 2017
Time To Start Your Spring Break Party in Las Vegas

Spring break is here! And you know what that means, it's officially pool season in Sin City! Now it's double the fun with nightclubs AND pool parties at your fingertips. Here's where you need to go this weekend to find the best parties in Vegas both in the pool and out of it.

XS Nightclub

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Las Vegas Nightclubs Closed for the Holidays
Vegas Nightclub Holiday Schedule; What You Need to Know!

Fall has finally come to the Las Vegas Valley, and that means business is beginning to slow down around the city. Many nightclubs are taking advantage of the slow season this year and have decided to close their doors for up to a couple of weeks in order to touch up their interiors. We’re keeping you up to date with all of the nightclubs closing for the holidays!

Las Vegas Holiday Closure Schedule 2016

Chateau Nightclub at Paris Las Vegas Hotel

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Las Vegas Labor Day Weekend 2016
Las Vegas Labor Day Weekend 2016

Sure, you could go to Burning Man this Labor Day 2016, but then you have to plan, spend a bunch of money on things that are already free (like water), and prepare not to take a shower for a week. Feeling bougie? May we suggest Las Vegas as your final destination? School's just around the corner. That 3 month period of good weather (yeah, we're talking about you, Chicago) is soon to end. Vegas is the ultimate, one-stop adult wonderland for a 3 day weekend like this. Plus, you can wear all the white you want. (In other news, stock in Tide Bleach goes up annually after LDW...)

As usual, Vegas delivers in the entertainment department. See the schedule below and get in where you fit in -- and don't forget, Galavantier can help you book ALL of this (plus limos, tours, shows, etc). Let the Vegas experts help you have fun.

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4th of july in vegas fireworks event calendar 2016
July 4th, 2016 Las Vegas Fireworks Display Schedule

Caesars Palace also celebrates its own 50th birthday with a 13.5 minute fireworks display of its own

Vegas. Land of Life (err, party), Liberty (to party), and the pursuit of happiness (usually ending in shameful behavior)... Vegas really should be nicknamed "Texas" because it is going BIG with July 4th fireworks this weekend. Here is a summary of where to catch these incendiary devices:

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All hail the Red, White, & Blue! Or the (Wet) Republic of Tiesto.

'Murrica. Land of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of HappYness, (We did that on purpose in case Will Smith is reading - "What up, Hitch?")

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Go to a huge ass bad ass party in Vegas this weekend!
Bad Ass Vegas weekend: Mariah, Calvin, Fabolous, Nelly, Kesha, Tiesto, Eric Prydz

Your attention, please! Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

...and by "Slim Shady," we really mean Nelly, Fabolous, or even Fat Joe since all of these hip hoppers are exhibiting A-list verbal combat on the mic this weekend in the city of ultimate sin (it's okay; we won't tell your mom). Here is the #vegas #hiphop lineup for the weekend of June 23-26:

June 23Kesha at Intrigue Nightclub (click here for bottle service)

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EDC20 in Las Vegas 2016
Attending #EDC20 in Las Vegas? Here’s what you need to bring.

EDC in Vegas needs some preparation. It's blazing hot (109 degrees at its peak) and dehydration can be a major factor. Save our checklist below for maximum safety and fun. Bring:

Chapstick - Dehydration can crack your lips.

Camelbak - Store water like a true nomad; when EDC ends at 6am you'll be sweating. Camelbaks must be empty upon entry.

Sunglasses - Protect your eyes from sunburn and shield them from the world.

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Alternate options if not attending EDC in Las Vegas
EDC Vegas not in your plans? Here’s what to do instead.

Bags booked, Uber arrived, and your flight landed smoothly in the Las Vegas Valley. Perhaps you are looking forward to a relaxing Vegas vacation, attending a productive conference, or listening to anything but fist-pumping oontz oontz?

Look up and “ravers” are running around everywhere on the famous Las Vegas strip wearing weird multi-colored, multi-layered, homemade outfits that appear as if someone’s underwear met a glue stick met a jumbo bag of Skittles...maybe you’re digging this!

Maybe you’re not.

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